Couch Potato

Mr Grumpy has given me his summer flu. I did try to get going today, despite a sniffle and coughing fits I managed to spread some buckets of mulch in the vine garden that is now a herb garden. Hyssop, Bergamot, Lovage, Thyme, Marjoram, Basil, Comfrey, Sorrel and horseradish are all doing well. I rescued the gherkin seedlings that had nearly died because I have been too doddery to get up there to water them. Also the birds have scattered the plastic herb labels, I found them all but one, but as this is my first time growing some of these herbs I need better more permanent labels until I have learned them better. A Pinterest project I think – look up herb-garden labels DIY’s.

And then the bug hit me. I was dizzy, had a tight band around my temples, and felt unbelievably exhausted. I headed to the couch at around 9:30am and slept until 1:30pm. When I woke I felt drained but better, so I got comfortable for a prolonged couch camp. I set out the leopard embroidery panel, put Food TV Chanel on and watched Christmas specials back to back all afternoon.

My gloomy leopard is looking good. I am so glad I held off rushing in with that yellow colour, proof that if there is a hint of doubt in your mind you should think again, listen to that wee voice. The yellow will look great as outlining. It will ‘pop’ visually against the blue and dark brown. Here he is so far:IMG_0577

Do you see my boo boo? I think it is now a rather endearing ‘feature’.

To finish the day I made apricot and white chocolate brownies – I had made up a double batch of peanut brownie biscuit mix, and then remembered I was supposed to have collected the peanuts today. So I improvised by substituting lots of white chocolate drops and a good handful of chopped dried apricots instead of peanuts. Manchild says they are good.

Now back to the couch.

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4 thoughts on “Couch Potato

  1. I quite like the wierd couching angles on his face – he looks perplexed

  2. Huh! I am going to try and go to bed early tonight, my throat is closing up, really hurts, So I m off out to feed the troops early then I will join you on the couch, no TV,so I might listen to a what to choose. hope you feel better soon. c

    • Enjoy your couch time. I think you might be a bit tough like me, so you will bounce back.
      I woke up feeling OK, not great but not wobbly either, I will be fine tomorrow, just as well, the job list is grows if I sit down.
      Get well quick.

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