What made Thymewarp and what is this Blog’s purpose?

I started out with a mind to record my progress establishing a permaculture garden not knowing much about how to do that.

I have had to learn rural life the hard way. Born in Auckland, New Zealand I was a city girl, a self-employed costume designer who totally fell for a pair of shoulders and a butt with attitude. I hadn’t been looking for a man, but the way that package walked in gumboots derailed my life. He is just part of this land. Even though he came with baggage and neither of us was young, we have, and do muddle through.

Grumpybuilder and I bought this property twenty years ago. Then we had Manchild. That changed everything and my world and life as I knew it just imploded. I have always believed that Manchild is an old, old soul who chose us; I have no other explanation for why two such utterly different people could come together and stay that way for twenty years.

My garden has become my outlet, a reflection of my soul; it gives me a reason to take photos and provides inspiration for my creativity. It soothes me and feeds us. It is also a constant source of animated debate between Grumpy and me. He likes straight lines and order; I love the complexity of symbiosis, not a straight line to be seen. So long as I don’t spend much money on it he leaves me to just get on with it. The garden teaches me what it needs and is getting better with every season. As I learn more I see more, and so the dialogue goes, each change leading to more discoveries. Its low tech permaculture, I use what is freely available to me; materials that I can source from right here on our six acres of mostly grass.

It didn’t take long for me to realise that the blog could become a kind of virtual home port for Manchild. He can check in and see images of home and read what Mum is mumbling about no matter where in the world he is.

From time to time all that links up with my twelfth century personna, so there will also be posts on Living History topics and crafts. Writing something everyday will help me understand that part of my creative process much better I think.

I live a very solitary life, so should you wish to like, follow, and comment your company will be appreciated. Who knows where this blog will travel?


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