Playing with cake

Today I made more Christmas cakes, I used my new little cake tin from the Hospice (charity) Shop. The cake (left) is so cute – tall and small, but it is also a funny size – so I wound up with leftover batter which I used to make mini-mini Christmas cakes in my mini muffin tins, I think they will be handy for party food.DSC_8989Tomorrow when they are cool and set, I will decorate them.

Then I tottered out to the garden, pulled up the broad (fava) beans that are well and truly finished and planted a row of onions. I weeded and muttered to my stupid knee alot. Small steps. A job is done, a second and a third.

That was enough, any more and I will be in trouble from my surgeon; he still doesn’t know I walked around on it for eighteen hours last week, and I’m not telling. Nor am I being completely stupid – I do actually know when to stop, I just hate sitting down.

Tomorrow is the day I fell the silverbeet trees. Its a shame, last year I let them seed. The self sown seedlings are everywhere so I will have no trouble establishing a new patch. These old ones are in the sunniest spot in the garden and I need that patch for my experimental peanut and an heirloom beefsteak tomato.

DSC_8997 DSC_8999My corn is not looking good, its has not really recovered from the cow attack.

Leopard has some outlines now…IMG_0578

I have to go now….. Manchild thinks this is fun!DSC_9010

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2 thoughts on “Playing with cake

  1. Your cake really looks cute, and the mini-cakes are a wonderful idea. If you can eat them in one or two bites they have the perfect size for party food.
    It also looks yummy. Are that raisins or chocolate chips in the cake?

  2. It’s ye-olde traditional fruitcake. The little dark things are currants. I soak all the fruit and nuts in brandy soused tea for two days so its pretty much the same colour as the batter. But because I like spots I add the currants unsoaked, straight from the pack.
    The wee mini-muffin tin ‘cakes’ are goneburger!
    I offered them to some friends this afternoon and we experimented with cheese and fruitcake…I sliced them at 45° and we put thin slices of sharp cheddar, crumbly blue, creamy blue, cumin gouda, nettle gouda and cream cheese, we also added thin sliced apple. Best combo was thin apple + aged cheddar. Runner up was creamy blue.
    In my house this is the future of Christmas cake. 🙂

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