Dragon is Done


I love his blue teeth, make me think of Frost Dragons. I haven’t slayed any of those in ages…..  it was fun at the time but I have better things to do nowadays.

Leopard is begun:IMG_0569IMG_0570I am contemplating what colours to use as I want him to be quite warm, Tanya’s version uses the green but I am leaning to the yellow and brown, I just wish I had thought about it more before I rushed in and did the purple, I probably would have used the blue instead but there is NO way I am going to undo all that work so purple it is.

Looking at the photo I think it will be fine.IMG_0572

Well thats it. Short and sweet today.


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4 thoughts on “Dragon is Done

  1. Beautiful colours and work gone into that dragon!

  2. I like your dragon. Frost dragon fits, but my first thought at the blue teeth and green body was more like sea dragon.

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