Still laid up….

Funny thing about not being able to move far, for me, I find new horizons to conquer, albeit small ones. So no more cat pictures for a while.

My studio energy has be annoying me for the past nine months. So this morning, as I dutifully sat with leg elevated and iced, I consulted Feng shui sites about what I could do to improve the creative energy flow in my studio. Being the cynic that I am I sought out sites that read as the intelligent, unemotional application of what I believe is simply common sense with an oriental name. It didn’t take long until I was moving furniture. IMG_0561

Now my work desks face the door (more or less), from them I can see my design walls. Things that inspire me are in plain sight as I walk in and my own successes are also easy to see. But this is what you as a visitor would see. I am pleased, it needs tweaking, but tomorrow, my leg and I will be at work in our freshly energised studio.

After all that, I conceded that I needed the ice and elevation again. I am still off all pain killers.

I promised Mr Grumpy his traditional Christmas builder’s lunchbox treat – full on boozey, fruity heavy dark fruitcake. So I camped in the lounge and hopped from kitchen to couch and back until I had these cooling.


He gets them on Christmas Day, they need to be soused with brandy once a week until then, and I feel great because I created something today. They are about a million calories each, but he loves them.

Does a largish brandy count as pain killer? If so, I failed. I can’y feel a thing and am completely happy.

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