I have decided that I will just record.

No thought.

Just what happened, and some facts about the day.

Nuno felt.

It is up there in the featured photo. It’s a terrible photo featuring my finger.

Today I like that.

Above is my first ever piece of nuno felt.

It features my love of grids, maps, location and order.

This week has been awful for me. I prefer to think awesome. Work, lifestyle and income are beginning to meld.

So on account of very good single malt, some serious world events, and the knowledge that I have found wonderful people. My wee blog is alive again.

20C, NE, Mild

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2 thoughts on “new

  1. Thank you for your +like of my latest misadventures of my larp system. I am glad you enjoy reading my blog still!

  2. Thanks for liking my post on the different ways I style my character’s hair. I’m glad you enjoyed this different style of post to my usual content

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