No Point in Pretending…

I like to blog.

I am not a regular blogger.

My life is full, so, often my downtime is private. I am selfish about that, sorry.

Today I feel like sharing. A bit.

My focus has gone to fibre arts. I have been spindling – $20 for a spindle $200 for a wheel. I like spindling. An easy decision that one. Here is my first ever yarn.


Gotland fleece spun on a supported spindle. 2 Ply.


In the foreground, a sock begun, knitted toe up, Judy’s Magic Loop Cast on, featuring stripes. I belong to a fibre arts group, sub-group, Sock Knitters. Fringe? A bit stage left? Yeah, well, it makes me happy. AND… Manchild WANTS my socks. Old mother made useful. Happy. He has paddle feet.

In case you are interested in knitting numbers, using sock yarn (4ply), I cast on 12 stitches top and bottom and increased to 32. He has paddle feet.

Last winter I knitted hats, three of them. Mr Grumpy liked one and is wearing it now. One went on to become a basket/bin thing and #3 is ‘apparently’ nice – but not worn. I can’t find the photo – it may have been a casualty of the accidental back jeans pocket phone flush.

Finished laughing?

Yes, OK, I did that. My phone was in my jeans back pocket, it fell into the toilet bowl, I flushed it and destroyed the phone, Sim, and Flash drive.

Moving on…

Directly behind the part knitted sock is a continuous thread woven scarf. It is draped on the easel because I need to adjust the balance of the embroidery. I like the idea – I just need to fix it. Visually it is wrong at the moment.

Continuous thread weaving:20160613_115453

I love this. Again (theme here) Loom, just $35. Makes a well-proportioned 1500 x 30mm scarf. The weave is bias – full of deliciously stretchy possibilities. It is also possible to weave a triangular shawl on a triangular loom (right angle triangle).

I knitted some lace for each end and made tassels. Now I am making a meandering lazy-daisy design on each end with natural plant-dyed green and natural wool tone-on-tone shades.

There is more….

Maybe tomorrow, maybe in six months.







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6 thoughts on “No Point in Pretending…

  1. Thanks for your +like on my post about the end of Darius. Hope things are well for you!

  2. Where did you get a 35 dollar loom? I think I would like to have one of those – though that may lead to getting sheep again!

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