Seems impossible

I love summer, normally…

Summer 2016 feels different for me. I want the glare, hot sun and stifling humidity to go away and the dry cool breeze to return. This summer we were warned would be an ‘El Nino’ More northerly winds and drought.

Well here in Northland NZ more northerlies means more rain, hot sea winds and humidity. My old carcass is not coping well.

I want to be in the museum store, 20°C  – 50%RH.

But here is a Sky-Bear!

I am not a teddy maker – this is my first attempt and I am at that awful point where you know you have to undo the bit that you were most frustrated by to fix the bit you thought was easy….


In this photo you can’t see the awful neck join.

I downloaded the pattern free, and the first question in my mind was -‘Are the seam allowances included or not?’

Being old-school I decided ‘NOT’


So this bear is being born with issues. He is the Quasimodo of denim bears. Unfortunately his new owner is no Esmerelda. He is a boy. All we know of this lad is that he is not heavy, but he is long. My great nephew not yet born.

I have three weeks to recover from the shock that I made a mistake, undo it, and reform Quasimodo into a bear suitable for a NZ rugby family, the Auckland Blues no less.

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One thought on “Quasimodo

  1. He’ll be a well loved bear regardless!

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