Some of my garden birds and a bee


Rosella. There is a steady population of about six birds. They fly high and normally keep to the very tops of the tallest trees. This one was stealing the last of the suns’ rays to have a quick preen and didn’t notice me until the shutter clicked. I really do need to learn how to silence Mr Nikon. What is the point of a silent drive on the lens if the shutter goes c’lunk as only a Nikon can.


Grey Warbler. I am so happy for this tiny pair. This year they have raised two chicks. In the past three years they have raised a single fat shining cuckoo baby each season. I hear the cuckoos – but my clever parents beat them this year. These birds are a miracle – they are so tiny.

DSC_1072 (2)


Poor wee ‘One Leg’, the Fantail. He has been a regular in the garden for two years now, so tiny and frail – but he survives.


One of the bumble bees that inhabit the same bush every year. The murmuring of them in the flowers is the first real sound of summer.


Self seeded sprouting broccoli – I love the blossoms and so do the bees.

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