Rooster with no name

He is a rooster of dubious parentage with a good nature.

No name rooster

Not black, dark grey and a bit fluffy – is it OK to call a Rooster fluffy? Will he be emotionally scarred as a young man with his first brood of girls if I describe him as a bit ‘fluffy’ ?

Meh… he is dark grey and fluffy with no name – YET.

Here is the story…

Grumpo had a second poultry chance encounter. This time with a chicken owner. No doubt they both went dewy eyed and sat talking chickens deep into the night… who knows.

Next day this complete stranger (driving a red VW 2nd gen Beetle, so points there) pulls up in our driveway, says “Hi” to me, and asks, “White or Black?” That was easy, there is never any question around here – always black. So, a second cardboard box making noises was dropped on my drive and the happy ex-owner drove away after a few pleasantries were exchanged as I tried to figure out what exactly was going on.

Upon opening said box. There was a rooster. A nameless not-quite-black bird of indeterminate breed. He is heavy, so at least one of his parents was descended from a meat line. Volkswagen lady agreed he might be Orpington, she said he was ‘heritage’. If that bird is heritage then so is Grumpo. They are both about as heritage as my left foot.

So now I have a project – to figure out how I breed my motley crew into something useful. Meanwhile the girls adore him, he wakes m e at the right time for work and I am (shhh! never tell Grumpo) quite fond of him.DSC_1055

BUT!  He needs a name. I have never had trouble naming animals before, but this one escapes me completely – for now he is “Big Boy”. But that will never do. To elevate him from his shabby parentage and fluffy not-quite-blackness I need to give him a name to grow into.


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2 thoughts on “Rooster with no name

  1. I’m a big proponent of giving animals super human names. I have a rabbit named Frank. I just think it’s funny to have an animal with a very human name. Bob, Ted, Bill, Steve, Fred? Lol, let us know what you name him!

  2. How about the ‘Pied Piper’ – Mr P for short? 😉

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