A tale of four shavers

DSC_0314As promised, the story of the chickens.

On October 5th Mr Grumpy arrived home very late. Beaming from ear to ear he announced from the door, “come look, I have a present for you.” I was in the middle of getting dinner so I suppose my mind was in a foodie sort of place, and as you know I love to cook. I walked to the door and he indicated the back of his large 4×4 work wagon.

A large cardboard box! Labelled ‘char-grill module’. “Oh my God!” I think, “he guessed right, he knew all along…” What foodie doesn’t want a char-grill module for their hob?

I opened the back of the wagon and the box mewed.

“Damn, its a kitten’, I think.

“But sweetheart,  we discussed that Myst would not like a rival. She is a ‘one-cat’ sort of cat.” I say.

“No! He says”, beaming with almost euphoric joy, “Look!” He rips open the now clucking carton and releases his wards onto the driveway. Four somewhat tatty looking brown shaver hens.

“They are staying, I like them.” He says emphatically with a distant look in his eyes. They ‘pook-pook’ gently and begin picking and scratching at the garden as if nothing had happened. As if they had not fallen, box and all, onto the highway as their owner unknowingly drives on. Not been chased up a driveway only to be rounded up by a complete stranger, recaptured one by one and dumped back into the box and driven fifteen kilometers to a new and unfamiliar home.  No, these girls are right at home. And Grumpo is besotted.


Myst is resolutely unimpressed.

What could I say? So now we have chickens. And a rooster , but he will have to be tomorrows story.

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3 thoughts on “A tale of four shavers

  1. What a surprise for you! I’m sure they’ve settled in and now very much part of the family. Do they have names?
    Did you ever get a ‘char-grill’ for your hob in the end?

    • No grill. No names either – to be honest I have trouble telling them apart. So they have descriptive titles, Tatty, Blondie, Dark Brown and the Other Brown.
      They will get names when I get more time to spend with them, but I suspect Tatty and Blondie are stuck with their titles.

      • Yes I can see why Tattie and Blondie would stick. I have two named this for similar reasons although as you’ve mentioned you can just about tell them apart. Mine are Marmalade and Bluebell, the others all have names.
        Stick the grill on a Christmas list.

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