Winter came and went


My life became unintelligible to me,

I have interludes like that.

I started a new thing and someone at the beginning of that told me I needed to start another new thing…..

So I did. . . but my mercurial nature gave them both the same weight, it gives every new thing the same weight. I am not cut out to be academic, I can be analytical – but my soul refuses discipline.

My sister says I sulk, maybe she is right – but she is judgmental.

I am like a wounded animal holed up – the world bruises me, but spring is here early and I MUST shift myself.

I give you Louis-Tui, my beloved friend who lives out in the cold and the wind but I know him, he is my aggressive territorial friend.

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2 thoughts on “Winter came and went

  1. I forget the seasons are 6 months out where you are (or we’re 6 months out season wise). Hang in there! You are cut out for all the things you do, you maybe just need lists.

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