Tree Following

There are a few technical issues I need to iron out, but I think it is such a cool idea I will persevere with learning how to do it.

I’m Following a Tree

I have given it it’s own page because the Links and Widgets in my chosen theme work best this way. I attempted to put the image into a sidebar widget, but in this theme it drops all its settings as soon as I leave the set-up page even though I have clicked ‘save’. I probably need to subscribe to this theme for full functionality, it doesn’t seem to work particularly well in its free plan. Since free is where its at for me for the foreseeable future this will have its own page.

That’s so me, the theme I like best is the most problematic to use for an image based blog.

DSC_0285My chosen subject is Kowhai Sophora chathamica. I planted this one when Manchild was born. His tree is eighteen and not large yet.

DSC_0287For this project I am going to grow a seedling for him, but seedlings are not very interesting when they are underground, so the initial photos will be of the parent tree. Kowhai are slow growing, by the time he has graduated, found a job and acquired a home of his own, this wee tree will be about ready for a his own garden.

Here is the seed pod and seeds.


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