Tiger died

Tiger FinalThis is my last image of him. He was 16½.

I never thought that the loss of a cat could be that painful. But he has left a smoking hole in our lives.

I knew he was low, and I tracked him in the last week, every six hours I made sure I knew where he was. I knew I would need to be able to find him in the bush, that is what he chose. I needed to find him before he got ‘icky’

I did

However he clearly did not give up without a fight. He was in a sheltered spot, big log to stop the wind at the right angle for the afternoon sun. But he must have had a heart attack, his teeth were clenched around a bunch of tall grass stems, he was curled in a neat sleeping pose – all but one back leg  – I could not make him look nice. He was stiff.

Took me four hours to dig a four foot deep hole. The ground is hard and it was hot.

Now we are all missing him. No ‘thud thud thud’ up the stairs followed by a heavy thwump on the bed to announce days beginning. No giant ginger hairball to say ‘lets eat outside tonight’ or ‘its better inside’, no buddy to purr through the rugby match on Sky TV, or garden friend…

Its been a week since he left us and we miss him, we are all a bit lost.

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2 thoughts on “Tiger died

  1. Oh hell
    I found you through your comment to Cecilia, and now I am mourning a cat I never knew.
    I’m so very sorry for your loss. I too am a cat lover. We have a 15 year old who is visibly slower now and I am dreading the goodbye to come. But, how terrible it would be – to live a life where we never knew such love.
    My thoughts are with you.
    Kind regards
    Fellow Farmy Fellowship Member
    Janet Kennedy

    • Why thank you! The Fellowship is a truly wonderful community, Miss C is pure inspiration.
      Your old feline friend could go for years yet, my oldest was 18½. I truly believe that Tiger just knew his job was done, his boy whom he had partnered all his life has moved on to university far from home, he chose the Guff. I find comfort that such a wonderful soul is now free to cast its loving magic in a new place.
      Now I am off to check out your pages 😉

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