Sunday in the Hills


Today we went to a river deep between steep back country hills.DSC_0165A place known to only a handful of people. The day was not sunny and there was no wind down between the steep sides of the river valley. Totally quiet but for birds and insects and the occasional mullet jumping out of the water and falling back with a gentle splosh.DSC_0185This is rural New Zealand as no tourist will ever see it. A place to be yourself, not care about the outside world.DSC_0192Time for children and puppies, playing in the water, having fun in a simple way. No power, TV, gadgets or phones. Just decoy ducks, old vehicles and old boats.DSC_0168


We fell to talking about how blessed we were to be there, everything you could possibly need in a sensational setting, you could not put a monetary value on it. To have a place where you truly can be yourself with none of the nonsense rules imposed by people who will never get the chance to experience this way of life.DSC_0203

Its only a bach, a place to spend a weekend.DSC_0215Most of the time its just another part of the farm, uninhabited until its time for a celebration.DSC_0218I think that the fact that no one actually lives here is what makes it so calm. Nature has a chance to re-balance after a weekend invasion of humans.DSC_0207



Good for the soul don’t you think?

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