Hello, I finally got it to work again!

A week or three ago I switched to from Chrome Browser to Firefox. Chrome had been malfunctioning for some time and had finally became utterly unusable. I refuse to use Internet Explorer and that is all I have to say about that. All is well with Firefox, but for a cookie issue with WordPress which frustratingly would not allow me to make any new posts, every time I clicked the new post button it sent me to the Login page, and after that I was in a continuous loop unable to do anything because I was constantly sent back to the Login page no matter what I clicked.

In desperation I used Internet Explorer to see if I could access the Blog that way. I could. Which left me with an enormous self imposed ethical dilemma. Two days into using Internet Explorer I was ready to smash the screen. Bing is an annoying word. Bing is an annoying engine. Bing software drives me nuts. I hate Bing.

I also dislike Orange.

Bing Bing Bing! Guh!DSC_0051

So, what to do about my browser? I searched thoroughly for known Firefox / WordPress issues and found many people have experienced what I was experiencing. Many of the solutions involved Caches, Cookies and script editing, I could have sorted things out that way but I don’t have any free time for messing around with computers that don’t work the way I want them to, more on that soon. Finally this morning I had a brainwave (not the only one, but this one was useful). I downloaded and ran CrapCleaner. In other words I followed my own advice, “Use CrapCleaner.” I incant solemnly to people who ask me to help with their PC issues, I suggest other things as well, but today Piriform saved the day; and Presto! Here I am back and able to talk to you again. I am intuitive with PC’s, I understand what needs doing nine times out of ten, but please don’t ask me to explain how I know or why it works, life is just too short for all that.Cocksparrow3

Its been a long time since I posted and I was feeling quite bad about leaving you all down in the dumps about my murky future. Well, in true Thymewarp fashion all has worked out and life is back on an even keel. I can plan again. Happy.DSC_0089

I am enrolled into Massey University’s PGDipMusStud programme. Just one paper this year plus a brush up paper to get my Academic Writing up to speed. I am happy to do this as APA didn’t even exist when I first studied at university in 1979. I muddled my way through a Bachelor of Applied Arts (Visual) in 2011, but that was because we were allowed to draw pictures as part of our final submissions. I am confident that Collection Management at post grad level will not accept a cartoon strip as a submission.

Sadly I must put my crayons away for this year. But never my cameras… you will get picture posts here all the time, here I can say and do what I like.

DSC_0036So as you can see the chrysalis hatched, so did all the caterpillars I showed you. There are five monarch butterflies fluttering about the garden now and a few more due next week. This photo is The Butterfly, the one that we watched for two weeks while it did nothing and then I missed the big day.DSC_0028

My other big news is that I no longer have a child.DSC_0063Manchild is installed in University Halls of Residence and thoroughly enjoying Orientation week as only an eighteen year old fresh out of home and hundreds of miles from his parents can.DSC_0134Awfully out of focus shot, but it was the only one I got showing the colour under the wings of a Kea, I think it is a pretty good comment on Orientation week.

OK, I don’t hate orange when it occurs in nature.

All the images here, with the exception of the empty cocoon were taken at Orana Wildlife Park, just out of Christchurch last Sunday.

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2 thoughts on “Hello, I finally got it to work again!

  1. Congrats on getting enrolled on your course! (And thanks for liking my recent blog post)

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