Waiting for news

DSC_0047For six weeks I have been waiting for my post grad enrollment to be accepted, I am still waiting. Along with that, I have also come to a point with my knee rehabilitation that I might have to go back to the hated night fill job. If I get accepted for the course I won’t have to, but I don’t know yet. So I am waiting.DSC_0066

I have been busy making plans A, B and C to escape the supermarket doom. The thought of returning to that fills me with dread and I am resolved to avoid it at all costs, I didn’t mind the work. What I hated was the company, I am not a supermarket worker, and I have nothing in common with any of them. I only took the job because I had to.

How I came to be in this economic pickle is a story I am not yet ready to tell, I made a mistake, and it cost me, big time. Thats enough to say at the moment. I still have my home and I am not going to starve, I should be grateful.

A friend who designs textiles asked t me to design a range of hats to use up her furnishing remnants. I did that last week, she took the samples out and secured orders. I wish I could sell like that, but I have no flare for sales, well done her. Sewing up those orders will provide about 2/3 the income I need. The best bit is that I can work during the day and at home. So my garden won’t suffer so badly.


Another friend helped me to get a casual weekend Maitre Dix position for a mobile catering company, the pay is worse than the supermarket, but the venues and people are nice. Two other possibilities are: An exhibition of paintings is due, hardly reliable income, but I can hope. I have always sold work I showed in the past so I can be reasonably confident that I will get a bit from that. I also think I need to learn how to use my photographs. I haven’t got a clue how to go about that, but I can learn. I think I manage a few good images.

There should be enough income there to pay my commitments.


The point of writing all that is my way of dealing with the stress of not knowing what is happening to me next month. I am an organised person, I like knowing the night before what the next day will bring. I can enjoy that day even more if I have known what will happen for a couple of weeks. Preparation is comforting, knowing what is ahead is soothing. Chaos and uncertainty, that’s for stronger younger people, not me.

In other news – the chrysalis is slowly darkening, the brown doublet is languishing while I sew hats, the drought has hit the garden big time, one day of rain was nowhere near enough to save the plants.

I pray for news by the end of the week, I need to know what is happening to me, to be back in control.

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4 thoughts on “Waiting for news

  1. I hope you hear about your course soon, and the knee continues to heal. I find that if things are falling out of control I find a few things in the future to anchor me, fixed events that can be looked forward to. So hang in there and and keep smiling.

  2. I can relate on so many levels to your situation; past, present and waiting on plan A, B or C for the future. Best wishes and thank you for sharing your journey with us.

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