So much time since I posted.
I have been busy. University enrolment for Manchild and myself, finances to arrange, travel plans.
I have been aware of days going by and mentally scolding myself for not posting. I have a personal goal to make a post every day, so I started beating myself up for not getting to the keyboard. More worrying, there have been opportunities to write but my mind would not clear and settle. Today I really thought about this. I asked myself, “why am I feeling so foggy and confused?”
I like to take care of myself, I don’t like doctors. I prefer to eat good clean organic food, exercise as much as possible and treat my ailments herbally and with diet. I’m not a trained medical scientist, but I have studied the basics of human anatomy, I read, I am in tune with my body and know when things are right or wrong. I can sense where in my systems problems are. I know enough anatomy to name the issue, generally. I would never presume to diagnose someone else, but mostly I go to the doctor and tell them what the problem is, not the other way. Lately I feel that all they do is prescribe the medication that will earn the practice the maximum income rather than effectively recognise an individual and treat their needs. No time or cash for caring in modern commercial medicine.
Anyway that is a ramble for another day. Talking to other like-minded, similarly aged women has reassured me that I can look after myself well.

About a year ago I discovered and chose to follow a blog called “The Kitchens Garden“.

Last year ‘the Fellowship’, as Cecilia calls it, collaborated to compile an anthology of women’s experiences of menopause. ‘Letters for my Little Sister‘ is a read, a good read. Even though I have survived menopause alone, reading that book suddenly gave my self esteem a strength that I have not felt since before my son was born.

It also highlighted that thyroid malfunction is a common issue with women nearing their sixties. I was skeptical, always have been, I was also desperate enough to want to fight the fog any natural way I could. I complained of this fog to my (then) GP. She, yes she, said it went with my ‘age’ and basically I should just bottle it. I have spent years fighting that recommendation, and after reading Letters I decided to try a natural thyroid supplement. I did.
It worked.
How do I know? If you check back on when I began posting regularly in this blog late last year, my mental clarity and energy match the dates I began taking the supplement. Four weeks ago I stopped taking it, it wasn’t a conscious decision, I just got busy and forgot. Two weeks ago I knew the fog was back.

I have fought to find the strength to write this. Part of me, the skeptic, is screaming surely no. My body says, “Thanks for trying this again”. This time, should I find I forget again, and if it happens again, I will know the supplements work for me. Placebo? Maybe.

You my readers, follow and we shall all see. You noticed I was gone? Well I am back, the first few days I will struggle.

I have a lot of garden news to share.
I have a few photos to share.
I have plans.

I am muddled but fighting back.

Smiles to you all.

Thymewarp blog is purely my thoughts. I do not recommend or advise following my choices. They work for me an me only. I write this blog for myself and my son. I am however arrogant enough to think I possess a certain amount of common-sense gained through education and diverse reading and scientifically informed discussion.

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2 thoughts on “Hmmmmm

  1. Hope you’re feeling less foggy soon and can get back to the garden and all your other projects.

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