Happy Birthday Manchild


I was busy yesterday, paperwork all day. Desk bound, hated it.

All that changed at 5:30pm, we went into birthday barbecue mode. Eight eighteen year old men, not the place for mums to be. Except to provide food. At 11pm I served birthday cake, collected all the car keys and went to bed.

So far two have left for work and the cleanup crew are gently snoring.admin-ajax

Bless them.

I have an interview today, so no gardening until tomorrow, we shall talk seeds and autumn planting. I am off to the city now.

wish me luck.

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4 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Manchild

  1. like the curly candles

    • Thank you, in truth that is all I had in my cake decorating box that was even remotely suitable. It was glittery too, but that didn’t photograph too well. It looked magical – like Mt Lumpy Bumpy.

  2. I also like the curly candles. Good luck for your interview (or am I way too late for that? I easily get confused about timezones).

  3. I would hate to jinx it by saying, lets wait until next week. Thank you for the kind wish.

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