Sometimes bad stuff just happens: Psyllids

So we have been enjoying tomatoes from my little plastic grow house for two to three weeks now. In the past my biggest worry has been blight, so I grow in pots and water from the bottom. Keeping the leaves dry and plucking off any that look wrong.

Last year was the first time I have been hit by psyllids, I lost all my plants and we had NO tomatoes. I didn’t know what psyllids were, had never heard of them. Now I know what they are and what to look for and even what to do.

Here it is: the enemyAdult Psyllid

and leaves doing this is a sign that you need to act fast:DSC_9595

Look under the leaves for tiny almost invisible nymphs that look a bit like translucent green scalePsyllid nymph

They are almost invisible but you can tell they are there because they leave tiny sugary deposits:Sugar deposits

So what to do?

Koanga !  Kay explains it very well. I don’t know what High Brix is – so I need to go find that out, but I can do the rest. I have Neem oil and I have ordered psyllid solution from their online shop, I hope it arrives today. Its a mechanical insecticide so there is risk to beneficial insects as well, fortunately because psyllid disease stops flower production, there are no bees about so I wont hurt them. I am however worried by their absence.

I certainly dont want to hurt this guy though:DSC_9592

Off out to check the potatoes and outdoor tomatoes now, have a greater day than mine will be.

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