Worried about my camera


Moon-set, in the cool of the morning. Big fat full moon.DSC_9477The fog is caused by the ground temperature dropping overnight, with no wind condensation forms dew which in turn becomes summer fog, something like that anyway. It’s caused by high daytime temperatures, no clouds and no overnight wind. By 9am it is completely burned away.DSC_9496

Looking at the pictures I chose for today and thinking “I know there is a story in there somewhere”. But I can’t seem to tie it all together.DSC_9464

I think the problem is that I am worried about Nikon; I think a service is required. I peered very closely at yesterday’s shots and am not happy. Not happy at all. The crispness just isn’t there, things aren’t perfectly clear and that annoys me. I know I have issues with camera shake – but that is me not Nikon. I suppose the next thing to do is peer closely into Nikon’s workings and see if a blow and a brush will help.

DSC_9443You know that feeling you get when you have a looming problem and one thing just piles on top of another because you can’t fix the first problem? That’s where I am at with a sick camera. I really don’t need another bill this month. What with the car and the cat and Christmas, it’s enough to cause me worry as I still don’t have a regular job. Not being able to take photos would be just too depressing. Enough of that talk though, a quick pfoof with the blower brush might solve everything, In fact I will go do that now so that I can concentrate on this task knowing for sure one way or the other.

Later: Well I think that a good clean and service is required, but it’s not urgent. I will get a quote and plan for it.

Yes, that really is a yellow bi-plane with someone standing on the top wing – you don’t see that everyday.DSC_9517DSC_9520

Those nice people sure as hell brightened up my day, hope yours has some magic too.

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