The ugly corner.

What are YOU looking at?DSC_9415

*Bites tongue*, I’m tempted to say, “Don’t know Myst, it doesn’t have a label.” Instead I turn around and look west. I’m standing in what I think of as the ugly corner. The extreme southwest corner of our land. It is the home of the water tank and pump house, there is a dead patch in the hedge and alot of wire.DSC_9414No one comes here, except me when I want to get away. It also happens to have the best views.DSC_9419When you can see them that is…

So today I focus on the ugly corner. DSC_9413 DSC_9412 DSC_9411 DSC_9410 The grass is pretty cool actually, ripe and full of seed. It nods and sways and is full of life if you stay long enough and are quiet enough. I have a little project happening in the ugly corner. I have been putting food out for the small garden birds and hiding. Slowly they are getting less timid of me and my BIG lens, soon I hope to be able to fire the shutter without sending them off in a flurry of wings. I am slightly hampered in this by my overseer:DSC_9416However she is too well fed to be a serious problem; because I hand raised her from just a tiny scrap that fitted into the cupped palm of my hand she has no real concept of what hunting is for. She enjoys stalking and pouncing, but real food doesn’t shriek or flap or wriggle. I scold her for catching birds and in truth they almost always get away. Mice, well not so much, she’s pretty good at mice. She also gets praised for killing furry things. So we sit and watch birds together, in the ugly corner, for different reasons.

And that dear friends is the end of my five minutes of peace, there are hungry blokes that need to be fed, packed lunches cut and wrapped, dishes washed , laundry washed and hung out, and an entire mornings worth of horrible household chores.DSC_9438

Until tomorrow.

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