Heat and heartache

I hate the New Year season.

It’s stifling hot, and my precious hermit’s life is crowded. My muse has headed for the hills, she can’t stand the noise of all these blokes. She, like me is timid and shy, peace loving, noise sensitive, quietly observant. Feminine.

Oddly, this year, because of Thymewarp blog, I feel Muse may just be just hiding, I don’t think she has fled as completely as in past years. I catch glimpses of her as I move around the house and garden,  she is really good at pulling faces at me from the laundry heap. Do you see faces in piled up work socks, t-shirts and blokes underwear? I do.

There are images in my head that are crying for a quiet time to be let out onto paper, but there are blokes everywhere. Noisy, smelly, untidy blokes; hungry, hardworking blokes who love my wholesome food and constant supply of clean clothes and towels. One of them has stood in the white fence paint and now there is a diminishing set of shoe prints across my carpet. I want the fence painted! Not my only piece of decent carpet that isn’t second hand.

But there is hay to be made, lots of it. I’m needed to help, drive the ute, be the sober driver. Make the enormous lunches and keep the gallons of cool drinking fluid coming. provide barbeque suppers at 11pm when they are done – and clean it all up with just enough time to start on the next round.

Go away blokes, I love you, but don’t you have jobs to go to? Could you please just get back to routine? I need to start working in my studio and you are in my way. Please.

I took a few pictures this morning. I may use them later in another post when I have more time to think. Today my focus and vision is not sharp, there is too much commotion. I don’t think tomorrow will be any better nor for the next week to ten days. The hay making window is a hectic three weeks in the agricultural year. Grass just right, humidity just right, weather dry and settled.

Thank you people who have stopped by to read and look at the pictures, just knowing that you looked, even if only for a few seconds, means a lot. The trained artist in me knows that the average time anyone looks at an art work in a gallery is 8 seconds. So if you have clicked on one of my photos and looked closer then, wow! Just wow. You know who you are – I thank you and would love to hear back from you.

Hay, hey, hey-ho – grumpy/sulky post done. Pictures tomorrow, at least one, I promise.

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2 thoughts on “Heat and heartache

  1. That really made me smile! ;o)

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