Pink and Green

I bought a hat!DSC_9380

A pink floral old garden-lady hat. It came from the garden supply shop and is so light I hardly know its there. I love it. It completes my mad-old-cat-woman image.

A hat with a brim is very important in New Zealand, our UVI levels are extremely high and if you want to work outside you need a hat, with a brim. The UVI is issued along with the weather report and if you care for your skin and health you stay covered up during the hours reported. I notice how clear and bright our natural light is when I travel to the northern hemisphere. Everything looks softer, colours are muted.

It is haymaking season, temperatures are hitting 30°C, and there is no rain predicted. I love waking up to the quiet clatter of farm machinery calling us to work in the cool of the early morning.

Here is a sneaky shot of manchild dressed to go pick up hay, wearing a brimmed hat and SPF50 clothing and showing me his big manly gloves. Mine are the little pink ones. I have to have pink in this testosterone laden household. Otherwise they steal/borrow my gloves, hats, socks and stretch the $#&+ ! out of them, so I have taken to only buying pink workwear, the more floral the better. Mine are the purple gumboots.DSC_9362Manchild picks up haybales as a school/university holiday earner, he knows how to stack them onto the truck and into the barns so he is worth his pay, he also runs a gang of 17 -18 year olds who can do the same work, in truth it is their summer fitness programme, he will be shifting in excess of 1200 bales this weekend. He is a sort of rural contractor and gets paid very well for an eighteen year old. OK enough proud mother talk – that is not what this blog is about.

I promised colour last night, so here it is:


My precious dye plants, sadly not a good germination ratio, and it has been such a long time since I put these seeds in that the labels have faded away completely – I know I have indigo and henna, and I think madder. Sadly the woad and weld did not germinate. I have a friend who is nursing a woad seedling for me, so blue is not lost hopefully.

OK that was a tease, here is real colour…DSC_9387DSC_9388Food flowers are so darn sexy!DSC_9359

And I noticed today that plants wind themselves anticlockwise, look at the beans wrapped around the corn above, see?DSC_9389

And I counted twenty of these kamo kamo. They will grow to the size of a basketball.DSC_9385

That is a slight problem. I thought I had sewn four different types of pumpkin and squash, I can only find one other vine, a grey crown pumpkin, all the rest is kamo kamo. I think I need to keep better seed sowing records and get a better labelling system going to avoid these unidentified plants and too many of one variety issues.

Lettuce flowersDSC_9381

and because I now have the official mad-cat-lady-outfit ….

Ancient cat not really showing off his ‘Lion’ style fur trim, but it is rare to see him outdoors lately. I worked out that he will be seventeen in July. The clipping is to help him stay cool and clean over the summer months.Tiger_Jan2014

Off to google indigo, madder and henna seedlings for identification purposes.

Have a happy, non confused day.

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