Late Tudor Jacket

I just knew a project would lead to another…
(Sorry no gardening today)
This is one I began in 2011. I’m not dwelling on why I never finished it. But today I got it out, cleaned the cat fur off it and started on finishing it. So far I have made six buttons. I’m expecting a visit from it’s intended recipient tomorrow so I can fit him, and discuss sleeves. I want to line it with linen and leave it sleeveless.
It is based on the early 17th century Dungiven suit. I know thats not really Tudor, but the chap I am making it for is. I had the pattern and the construction method makes a lot of sense to me. Its is cut from a single piece, fronts and back. In an age where cloth is valuable economical cutting for the middle/artisan classes makes sense, also less seams equals less pieces to fall apart. So rather than refer to aristocratic sources I used the slightly later garment from rural Ireland. Not particularly accurate in a scholarly sense I know. Its a perennial argument and at the end of the day I believe that commonsense had as much to do with work clothing as it does now. Leave the garb arguments to the aristocratic fashionistas I say. I am sure my efforts will be criticised and I welcome it – how else am I to learn more?
The buttons are wooden beads covered with woven and looped wool, you can find extant examples explained in Janet Arnold’s Patterns of Fashion 1560 -1620. Since my thinking brain seems to have reconnected itself to the rest of me, I thought perhaps I should assess the materials I have and form a plan. I worked out that I only have enough yarn for fourteen of the required twenty buttons… I really hope Appletons tapestry yarn shades haven’t changed too much since I bought the yarn five years ago. I’m not making any more until I hear back from the mail order shop.
I have actually learned a lot more about late Tudor period clothing over the time that this jacket languished in my disused sewing room, so I think it will be better than I ever intended, but it is not my favourite period.
Well it’s finally cool enough to be outside again, so just a short post for January 1st. I’m going to go water the beds and then get an early night.
Have a great New Year’s Day.


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