Its good to get out

“Agent Thymewarp, you have been observed outside in the garden three days in a row now. Please step into the office.”DSC_9263

“Pikkachu has reported to me, I shall be observing you myself today.”DSC_9282

“You need to plant out seedlings early, before the morning heat, don’t forget to water them in…DSC_9190

…and dont forget that wee celery you were going to move, pick the peas to keep them coming and pull out those buttercrunch lettuce that have gone to seed, I will allow you to keep one since you did so well with your broccoli and kale seeds, water the greenhouse and the garden,DSC_9285 DSC_9283

if you get all that done by 11am you may go for a bushwalk this afternoon.”

“Yes M. will do.”


All done by 11. I’m free! This is just whats on the tin label, a one hour bushwalk. Before I injured my knee I would have done it in twenty minutes, today I was grateful for easy gradients bridges and boardwalks.DSC_9293

Here is a sample of what I saw…


Its 6pm, I had better go do the watering, M’s spies are everywhere.DSC_9271

Have a great day, mine was.

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