A day in the garden

At last I was able to potter about, not fast, but slow and steady is fine. I’m still not good with uneven ground, I don’t care, I got stuff done! Gammy Knee is mumbling to me now but I’m not listening, there’s more to be done tomorrow. I have plans, green ones.

Walk with me…

DSC_9178 Pikkachu where he was last dropped.

toestretchCheck the toes. Later she will cart Pikkachu out to a shady spot somewhere, this was the last I saw of her today.

Now not everything in my garden is perfect, I have been laid up for a year. Today was a fabulous feeling walking normally and looking at the garden with a sense of strength, knowing that I will be increasingly able to put things to rights and continue to build my food garden and my dye garden and herbs and be able to care for it all again.

No more sights like this:DSC_9189This is a curry bush, tomorrow I will put it in the herb garden. The herb garden is neat and tidy again, but I forgot to photograph it. Out on my deck where I have been able to look after things a bit I have tomatoes…


and a couple of tragedies…DSC_9187

On the subject of tragedies the area of ‘three sisters’ planting that the cows got into has recovered more or less,

DSC_9227 DSC_9232

The beans are flowering at last, and there will be corn, kamo kamo and pumpkins.




There are potatoes (I know because I had a feel) and we are eating lettuce…


The kumera have begun to wander, and today I moved the mulch heap and spread it to give them somewhere to wander to…DSC_9191 DSC_9226

That area doesn’t look big, but it was six barrow loads and I still had to top it up with another three of grass clippings.

Leafy greens (Chenopodiaceae) like silverbeet (Chard) and spinach and lettuce go to seed in early summer, but we are past the longest day now, so I can plant more. Last years have seeded freely.

DSC_9237 DSC_9246

The herbs are flowering too.

DSC_9243 DSC_9241 DSC_9240

A self seeded celery, I will transplant it tomorrow.


These are Kale seeds,DSC_9244I’m going to pot them up in eggshells along with the broccoli seed I collected.

DSC_9252 More flowers.


Babies have grown too.

I had a great day. I hope yours is too.

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2 thoughts on “A day in the garden

  1. The garden looks great! Glad to hear you are out there again!

  2. Thank you, its good to be back.

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