I first saw this idea on a TV show way back when Manchild was a nipper. I didn’t get around to making them until yesterday. Soup  mix in the big 1kg jars and Speculaas spice mix in the small jars. I also have really big jars which will be filled with assorted biscuits, speculaas, shortbread, chocolate chippies and honey snaps. I can’t make those until Christmas Eve or they will go soft in the humidity.

Recipe for Speculaas cookies here.

Now I have to find some sort of basket to put each gift set into. The baskets I looked at yesterday were all wrong, and expensive. So today I need to get crafty. I also need to get out into the garden. There are beetroot to plant out, tomatoes to tie up, potatoes to mound up and I have a hunch the garlic is ready. I will take the camera and share it all with you, I am still ill but my energy has returned.

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One thought on “Gifts

  1. Beautiful handmade gifts 🙂 And something I have planned for my unsuspecting family in the future, as I am a reluctant “on-demand” gift giver but some of them insist on seasonal protocols regardless of if we congregate together or not. Not out of frugality, as often the components cost as much as a bought gift but out of principle and hopefully more time on my hands.
    I see you have a couple of old bottles in the mix there – we like them too, and have a bit of a collection 🙂

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