I am a list maker.

There I said it.

Today lists got overthrown, I had planned to talk about growing boy calves into bulls and the problems that incurs on a small block, and I think that I also planned to fell silver-beet trees….

On a normal day I have a studio list, a kitchen list, a garden list, a long-term list. There are others, but those are personal, and the older I get the more complex my lists become. I have a list to control my system of lists, and a list to make sure that everything on each list gets done in timely fashion.

It doesn’t always work of course but I think I achieve 80%. An an incomplete list is the foundation of the new list.

  1. I have two kitchen lists,
    1. Shopping, items I have or am about to run out of,
    2. Tasks, things I intend to cook, bake, clean or arrange.
    3. Today I realised that there is a third list required. Its the BEST list because it cross references the garden and studio lists. It is the what have I created that I don’t need to buy list. Happy dance.
  2. The garden list is quartered into seasons, divided by moon cycles and cross referenced by meteorological data. It comprises,
    1. foods I can grow easily
    2. crops that are easy but new to me
    3. experimental crops.

Thats the vegetable garden.

  1. The herb garden has morphed, once it was a parsley pot on the deck
    • then an humble culinary patch, I added rosemary, sage and thyme.
    • Then basil arrived,
    • The bay tree outgrew its pot, so I put it in the (then) paddock
    • I planted rosemary for bees, then more plants for bees.

And now the medicinal and dye garden is nearest my heart.

Yes, just playing.

Today I made lists as normal, and then friends arrived for a day in the country. I am sorry – no photos, just me burbling. I will drop a favourite photo from ‘Christmas Past’ into the ‘featured photo’, since we are all learning each other.

Back to ‘Tasks’ in the morning.

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2 thoughts on “Lists

  1. Hi, I’m a list-maker too, my life spills over with yellow post-its as they are the most convenient medium to hand and can be stuck to wallets etc, and I email myself notes/items to add to them… not pretty but it works. I have other longer term lists in the back of my day planner but your lists seem a lot less mundane and better organized.
    I saw your name/comments in Celi’s Fellowship, and thought I’d visit. I won’t be around much for several weeks after next, but I’ll be back 🙂

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