2011-07-22 06.39.18Yesterday I flew. I took manchild to the other end of New Zealand. We got up at 3am and got to bed just after midnight. Twenty one hours is a long day with a gammy knee.

We traveled to Christchurch because he will be studying at Canterbury University. I wanted him to see the room he will have and look around the campus. I have made a motherly inventory of all the things he will need and not need. We used buses to travel around the town and did a fair bit of walking, which was pretty fool hardy of me really, I am paying today.

So this morning I am being kind to my body. I have stayed in bed. Two cats have come to keep me company, Tiger who is sixteen is wheezing gently on my feet and Madame Myst has elected for the blanket you saw the other day – she is not a cuddly cat, but she is always near – just out of arms reach. That is an instinct she will never lose. She was born wild and I hand raised her from about two weeks of age. She is eight now.

Since I woke two young birds have flown into the window. Which is what got me into thinking about this whole business of launching your young ones into the world. All I can think is, “Thank God my son doesn’t have wings!” He is at the fly-head-on-into-a-window stage himself. He is leaving the nest at eighteen years of age. I am a little jealous of the adventure he is embarking on, but not the being eighteen bit. If I could have the wisdom I have now and an eighteen year old carcass – now that would be something. But I don’t so I must school myself to be a gracious mother and enjoy his journey as he succeeds and fails. I will try not to judge his choices and to respect and support who he is. I just hope there aren’t any unseen fatal windows that he will hit at break-neck speed. The young birds hit the window at oblique angles and after a few stunned seconds few off wiser and more experienced, that is what I want for my manchild.

Air travel is a different matter. You must trustingly put yourself into the hands of other people. This is a whole other life-lesson. Like speed, trust needs to be controlled. Different conditions require more trust than others. One size does not fit all. Your personality sets your idling trust levels, but as soon as you start interacting with other people you have to start monitoring levels of trust. With some folk, you can glide, not really get involved, just spot the the currents and ride over around and through. Others you must engage with, become your own fighter pilot. Mostly though, we all fly in formation, like geese.

I didn’t take any photographs yesterday. The weather was bad, cold sleeting rain, not good for the camera. I suppose I could have used my phone, but even that was unhappy with all the water drops on its screen, besides we needed the battery for navigation and bus timetables. The photograph at the top is from another flight, but one aircraft wing is much like another, so please forgive. It is still my own image.

Mr Grumpy is complaining I haven’t got out of bed, he has forgotten I am injured – silly old man. I had better go; Tomorrow we will share the garden and kitchen (I hope).

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