November: where did you go?

I suppose when I think about it, knee surgery is fairly major, and I completely underestimated the debilitating effect of pain killing drugs. I cannot understand how people can ‘like’ what those chemicals do to you. I have been a zombie for three weeks. My knee is stiff, a little sore and has a three inch scar, and it wants to go, go, go. But the medics all say ‘slowly, slowly’, so I sit, but I stopped their horrid pills and today my brain woke up. I would rather be a bit sore in the knee than dead in the head.

So what to talk about? I pondered this in my semi conscious drugged up way and nothing came to mind. Today, the obvious solution. A ramble through one of my days. Share a bit about the type of food I cook, my relationship with the land, my ‘green’ principles, organics that are domestically achievable, in short just a day on my playfarm.

Actually I can talk about that for days….

Madame Myst couldn’t decide whether the towel or the blanket would be more comfortable, so opted for the best of both…IMG_0510


She is watching Mother Thrush who has raised three babies to fledglings, I will try to get you a shot of the whole family later.

Not all birds are so lucky. Manchild went hunting with his uncles and a cousin a couple of weeks ago. They had been asked to cull the geese on a nearby farm dam. So he came home with a bag of goose breasts and the flight feathers I had asked for (calligraphy and fletching).

I have been trying to empty the freezer ready for the fresh beef that will arrive tonight. I wanted it completely empty, so I have been working my way through all the weirder bits from that past few animals that have lurked at the bottom of the freezer for slightly too long. I was down to soup bones and dripping trimmings, we eat the whole animal, tongue to tail. I don’t waste anything.  It takes the three of us about a year to eat a two year old beef animal and I thought I was at the end of all the edible items in there. I was pleasantly surprised to find a parcel of goose breasts. They were delicious, a bit of work and turned out a little tough because they were shot out of season, but I have eaten supermarket meat that was worse. There was way too much meat for one night, so I did a pasta dish last night with the leftovers, I don’t have a recipe for it; this is just the way I tend to cook.

Check my page on dealing with wild turkey. Brining game birds is so important, they can be dry and a little tough if not prepared carefully, the brine freshens the flavour (geese and ducks dibble in mud alot and can taste ‘muddy’) and adds moisture.

Wild Goose and Mushroom Vegeroni

IMG_0529 This is four roasted goose breasts diced. IMG_0530 IMG_0533In a pan I fry trimmed streaky bacon and rind and sweat a large sliced onion, pick out the rind after it has rendered.

IMG_0531 IMG_0534

Add two smallish carrots and a similar amount of celery, saute. Deglaze the pan with a splash of white wine. Add lots of button mushrooms, quartered, and a can of diced tomatoes (or passata if you have it) simmer until the vegetables are tender.

IMG_0536 IMG_0544

When the vegetables are just tender add the chopped meat and about 3/4 cup mascarpone. Season to taste. I used mineral salt, black pepper, thyme, oregano and marjoram. While all that is happening boil salted water and cook the pasta. Stir the hot pasta into the vegetables and meat mix.


Chop parsley and serve with a blob of sour-cream and a good sprinkling of the parsley.  IMG_0549

So I have completely cooked my goose now. Almost…..


I reserved this goose fat – it’s really good for Christmas roast potatoes.

Out in the garden the guys trimmed the hedge and made a mountain of mulch for me.IMG_0538IMG_0550

Yay – I have my writing energy back. I can think of lots more to talk about but I have run out of time.

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