Weak Week

So sorry to have been less than diligent keeping up with posts. I really was ill.

And now I am well again.032

I went to the local primary school Show Day. Kids do amazing things with agricultural produce and animals. I think the guy in the glasses has every reason to look worried.


You can buy all manner of garden and home goods, all home made. My favourite sort.


Tigers raise and lead lambs, they get marked on how well they do it, and maybe win a ribbon. Later in the season, all around the neighbourhood, Dads make arrangements for the pet lambs (and calves) to go to a nearby farm where they can live with other sheep and cows to be looked after into old age…… you get my drift?


The local axemen’s club give a demonstration, but it is seriously competitive….063



Young and old alike share the joy of a small community, its the same every year. Why would you want to change?

Oh and I bought a galaxy from the ‘white elephant’ stall for $3.  A whole galaxy – three dollars!  Bargain I say. Now its on my little step-granddaughter’s ceiling.

I love how the garden manages without me for a few days,

260 - Copy225264263 - Copy

And here is Papa Tui, I always find energy to follow him for a few minutes of my day…


Mama Tui has been back in the garden too, so the eggs have hatched – no pictures yet.

I found native land snails!  So now I can’t use slug bait in the garden… that’s causing me concern, I was using a ‘safe’ product, but it isn’t safe for these guys…..a puzzle for me.062

….and I will close with a dragon update. I am better now, more tomorrow.032

Smiles in the wind…

from the top of my hill to you all.

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