Little Miss Bliss has managed a bottle all by herself. She chewed the teat from the side of her mouth which was encouraging but I was seriously wondering how my back would last the thirty or so minutes it was going to take for her to empty her bottle that way. Then the miracle happened, I had to adjust my stance as the pain in my back was intolerable, in doing so the teat slipped out of her mouth. Her little tongue followed it – the way its should do. I put the teat back in her mouth straight, clamped my hand around her chin to hold it in, and she started to SUCK! Once she got going she kept it up until the bottle was empty.
I would call that a result. It puts me a step closer to having five calves on the bucket feeder and a lot less work.
Which means I have time again, precious time to do important things like embroider woolly dragons…

Perfect on a day like this …


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2 thoughts on “Suction!

  1. oh, the green looks pretty.

    the farm gareth and I are going to have when we win the lottery is going to have dexters, I love the colour of them, and thier size makes them seem less scary. plus we get dexter beef sometimes from the farmers market and its yummy. (one of our main bones of contention lately is that he wants chickens in the garden, and I want chickens, but he’s worried I’d roast them if they stopped laying.) I didn’t grow up on a farm, but we still managed to have at least 20pigs, many chickens and on one memorable occaision my granda came home with 20 bullocks he then raised for beef on the one small field we had next to my dad’s wagon yard. even as a four year old I suspected granda of having illegally aquired the bullocks because he was a right old chancer.

    granda also had a beautiful meadow, but he rented that out to jackiebell, who kept his cleveland bay brood mare, duchess, on it. I think duchess was my first big love, she was beautiful. jackiebell was a retired miner, and would never have dreamt of putting a saddle on duchess, he just spend hours polishing her until she glowed like copper. he would lift me up on her back and she’d trot round the meadow for me, shifting her enourmous belly every time she felt me starting to slide off because my legs wouldn’t reach around her. I think she was the gentlest most motherly creature I;ve ever met.
    sorry, not woken up yet, rambling…

  2. Your green dragon looks really pretty and he reminds me of spring. It’s autumn where I live, therefore I like the thoughts of spring.

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