Little things

Do you see piwakawaka?
Of all the birds the fantails are my favourite. The cheerful ‘peep’ followed by a tirade of chiding chatter as they loop-the-loop and dive bomb invisibly small insects greets me on my morning walk. They talk with their beaks full too – naughty. I have two pairs nesting in my hedge, I haven’t located either nest yet but I have seen four individuals which are clearly in two pairs.
There are new shoots and buds everywhere, tiny bright hints of summer.
014015013 But today is grey and a storm is comming…008 (2)
I expect a dragon will get a second wing and some feet today…no more flying in circles.
There is desk work as well, a funding application for our native bush restoration project. Its due tomorrow – all fifty two pages of it. Just as well I have a bung knee and there is a storm coming, I don’t feel so bad about being sat at the computer.

Here is what Tiger and Myst think of the day ahead:
019 020 (2)
“Not worth dirtying our paws!”, that’s what they say.

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