Winter came back

Today it rained and the wind blew from the south, that’s our coldest wind, it comes from Antarctica and even though we are in the North Island it still bites. Not a garden day.

One of the calves, 170, the youngest, got out of the pen during the night and was very cold, wet and lethargic this morning. We, that’s my Mr Builder and I, worked on her, rubbing her with hay and drenching her with electrolytes, then I wrapped her in a warm wool coat and she slept warm and dry in the loose hay all day. Tonight she took milk. So we are cautiously optimistic that we have had a near miss.
So far only two have names ‘Panda’ who has black eye patches and Gerbil. Gerbil is my favourite. She has a gerbil shaped patch on her left front leg.

These are not pure breed animals, we get them from a farmer who has a Friesian milking herd, the calves are crossed with Hereford giving them their white faces. They will be good eating in two years time. Sad but true. I still giggle about the one we named “Monkey”, the kids loved eating monkey meat that year. They still remind me of the laughs we had.

So, with a sick calf, a bored house-bound builder hanging around all day, and awful weather my attention was not on my work at all. I did however manage a trip to the local library, my escape, I love the library on a wet day don’t you? The internet is all well and good, but you don’t drive there or have to put your umbrella with all the other drippy umbrellas and soggy shoes at the door. You cant walk around in the internet, randomly selecting, thumbing and replacing. A library is tactile and social, especially on a wet day. As you pass people you get the feeling we are all there for the same reason, an unspoken agreement that the library is a great place to escape for an hour or two. It’s cosy and friendly.

So the sum total of my creative endeavors today, a dozen apple turnovers for tomorrows lunches and a steak and onion pie for dinner.

Hopefully the sun and warmth will return tomorrow and camera and I can go walking again.

Hopefully there will be no bored men hanging around and I can play with taking a red line for a walk in my studio.

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