No photos,
Just me burbling briefly.
Dragon – working hard to catch up to the new session posted. I did get my kit a few days after the event due to mileage, no excuse – just saying.
Garden – I joined a local facebook gardeners group – I have volunteers to help plant out, while I wait for knee surgery, gardeners are awesome people.
Rome: Painting well….
I have tried to get inside the head of the original painter. I limited myself to two brushes and four colours, Yellow and red ochre, mars black, and naples chalk. I don’t know if this was commissioned before the unit went to Egypt/Alexandria, or if there was a ‘painter’ assigned to the century/legion/army.
In the case of the latter. I imagine that the guys needed a visual ‘lift’ and they had a very voluptuous goddess put on a scrap of red cloth. I see nothing spiritual in this. She is war porn. The lads following the golden pin-up. That she was put to rest so carefully is a story for a novelist. I am entranced by her face.

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