Today my knee feels strong enough to do some actual work. I have been parked up resting it for over a week now and the frustration of not being able to walk around and do things has reached critical mass. The desire to get jobs done is greater than the pain. I’ll work until I can’t.
My garden needs me. The lawn is long enough to get lost in. There is produce that needs to be picked, vines that are rampant, and weeding, clearing, digging and planting to be done; the planting can NOT wait another week for my stupid knee, so it’s on with the hated neoprene support bandage and out the door…
I will record this burble with pictures as I go. I am sure there will be enough rest intervals to blog a bit during the day.

OK…. Bad start,

Sometimes I would love to trade my men in! If I don’t do chores around here no one does.
No point in getting angry, just channel the energy into getting the job done.
Of course some days start bad and just get worse…

Two hours later:
The kitchen is back in order, the dishwasher is fixed and the cycle is nearing completion.

There is a loaf of sourdough mixed and proving,

…and teen boy has a plate of his favourite breakfast, French Toast.

As I sit down with my coffee I realise that my original plan for the day, which would have worked two hours ago because it was cool; will no longer work as the day is already heating up. Digging in the garden will now be a hot and sticky slog. Mercifully, today there is a breeze. I will avoid the enclosed garden until later. I am also thinking that aforementioned teen-boy can make amends for his part in the earlier mess in the kitchen by doing the mowing for me.

2:00pm Rain

Well the rain set in about an hour ago, ending all chances of working outside. I got some mowing done and teen boy got some clearing done…

For the first twenty minutes or so I really enjoyed being out in the rain, in these warm humid conditions the moisture on my skin felt great, but then my clothes got saturated and teen boy got grumbly.
Now we are inside and filling up on fresh baked sourdough spread with new season strawberry jam.
I just love baking! Maybe I will burble about bread making one day.

And now my Mr Builder husband has come home early complaining of a stomach bug. Maybe tomorrow my garden can get the t.l.c. it needs.

I am giving up and heading to my studio

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