Out with the old and in with the new

The chilli seeds I found in the cupboard on New Year’s Eve have soaked for 48 hours and are ready to be planted.
I am a complete Scrooge in my garden so here’s my nifty tip for seedlings.

I use old meat pack trays and other shallow recycled plastic containers underneath the egg cartons to keep them from drying out. Dont forget to put a hole in the bottom of the egg shell.

An old spoon works best for adding the seed raising mix.

The seeds have fattened up a lot after a forty eight hour soak.

They are lightly covered an I have watered them with a spray bottle so that they aren’t disturbed by a sudden flood of water being poured over them. Now all I have to do is keep them warm and moist.

There is an interesting self regulatory thing that happens using the egg shells, I can only plant as many seeds as I have half egg shells. So I seem to end up with just the right number of seedlings sown each week, 24 maximum. That’s plenty for our family of three. It may seem like a lot, until you think about, say – beetroot for example. I would roast six to eight small ones for one meal. Cauliflower and lettuce we eat a whole head in two days. And I loose count of how many onions I use in an average week. Some seeds fail, some seedlings don’t make it to maturity so, 24 a week is about right.

When the seedlings are big enough just plant the whole thing in the ground.

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