Treasure in my spice cupboard

It’s New Year’s Eve and the middle of Summer.
Yesterday I got a giant lump of corned beef out of the freezer to defrost, because I wanted to cook it today for a supply of cold meat in the fridge over the holiday. My boys love corned beef fritters and that’s their order for tonight’s evening meal, tomorrow I will cook pink beans, a weird old family tradition Mum picked up from her Californian friends way back in the 1970’s. Pink beans and corned beef are delicious with crusty home made sourdough and crisp garden salad. How’s that for a New Year’s Day feast?
…….and what has any of that got to do with the garden?
I like to use juniper berries, cloves and chillies in the water I cook the corned beef in. (There is golden syrup and apple cider vinegar in there as well.)


Looking in the cupboard I knocked over a jar that had been right at the back of my spice cupboard. Hiding right in the corner, forgotten behind said jar were two chilli pods, completely desiccated, they crumbled in my fingers and out spilled gardener’s gold. Free seeds!
So, even though it is a little late in the season, I am starting these little fiery seeds off. I will grow them in pots so I can bring them in during the winter, but I have noticed around here that capsicum and chilli plants are perennial, or they would be if I had taken better care of them. My New Year promise to these babies it that I will nurture them all year, and what better thing to do on the eve of a new year than to start off some new life?



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