New iPad

With this toy and it’s WordPress App I think this blog will progress.
Since my last post all those months ago, quite a bit has happened – most majorly a tour of South Africa which certainly opened my eyes on how diverse our world is!
But that is not what this blog is about,

So here is the garden update…
All through the winter I was able to supply us with enough fresh greens. Result!
I put in an early garden in September and we are picking corn now. The first peas are done, the beans had to fend for themselves and everything else has gone to seed because of the hot dry spell in November.
I really need to get in there and pull everything out… However I am laid up with a dislocated knee – hence here I am writing about it rather than doing it. So the moral of that story is, even if you feel you can be a Christmas Fairy, don’t try flying – it will end badly.

I will shuffle outside and get a photo or three of my seed farm shortly, but first I want to talk about potatoes, which despite knowing the theory of growing I had never attempted until this current season. They were outwardly a huge success, but when I cut into them they were riddled with wireworm. I was as gutted as my potatoes.
Wireworms are the larvae of what we know of as ‘click beetles’ and along with the earwigs they have really messed up my plans for delicious freshly dug potatoes. I don’t want to mess with my soil by adding sulphur, so I am resolved to find a biological solution to these potato munching critters. Mustard greens appear to be a viable option, although I have read that they may not be the entire solution, and I can believe that, so I am also going to try diatomaceous earth and EF Bio pesticide supplied by Koanga Institute.




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