How it was six weeks ago…

Early January

Early January – Old net curtains over cloche hoops to protect tiny seedlings from harsh mid-summer sun – they did well too, the onions broccoli and caulis all looked great and the curtain helps keep the white butterflies away too. I refuse to use sprays to control insects – so I am learning ways to out smart the chewing, fluttering, munching insect legions

DSC_0019My beans did well, at least they were all picked and pulled before the bovine horde descended! There were green French Dwarfs and butter-beans my families favorites

DSC_0020 This area was spared – I guess they don’t like chilies – a few had been snipped off the plants but they were dropped untouched  Note to self -cows don’t like fiery hot chilies, this could be a weapon to use in future defense systems… Also The corn was finished and I had sweetly given the spent plants to the cows because they love them so much not two days ago…

DSC_0023 My cutesy bark path,

DSC_0022 It was looking so promising back in early January, and we did have a good picking of peas and beans, plenty of lettuce, beetroot, silver-beet and a reasonable crop of purple and gold cherry tomatoes. The Sweetcorn was not so good this year but we had a few meals.

Tomorrow I will take post disaster photos, I just had to not look for twenty four hours while my brain adjusted to disaster.

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